Sunday, 2 September 2012

East Timor Order Panser from Pindad

Timor Leste will order panser or tank from PT Pindad Persero this year. "Currently negotiation process, stay out," said the president of Pindad, Sister Avianto, Saturday, September 1, 2012.

It will leave for East Timor on 12 September 2012 enterprise team come together to sign a letter of agreement with the delegation Timor Lester. According to the sister, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Finance has agreed to export articles panser.

After the signing, the next process is to try payment agreement. Later that country pay credit to Bank Mandiri. About the purchase, brother can not yet explain. Why, "Timor-Leste has not ensure panser type ordered. So hanging needs," Sister berujar. Similarly, the amount to be ordered.

Price panser with 4X4 type commonly used on soft terrain, such as urban areas, per unit of Rp 4 billion. But the price will go up if added with finery as weapons or surveillance cameras. While panser for heavy field, or type 6x6 price per unit Rp 8 billion.

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