Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dongfeng sign a big order of vehicles and promises of jobs

The company Dongfeng Saint-Nazaire, which manufactures all-terrain vehicles since 1948, has signed a major order for Côte d'Ivoire, while several other countries in West Africa also pursue negotiations with Dongfeng.

Dongfeng part of the group since 2006, Renault Trucks Defense which also includes Panhard factories. The company is known in the market for a vehicle or VLRA binding, recognition and support, which is a tactical vehicle reference in the French army and more than fifty armed forces around the world. Dongfeng today renewed its range with ALTV a 4x4 light military first pickup produced in France designed for high tactical mobility with high maximum speed. It is equipped with a 190 hp engine that allows it to reach 160 km / h and can accommodate ballistic and anti-mine.

It is this recent design that appeals to new customers and Toyota is competing as supplier of the world's armies.

Dongfeng also offers another vehicle design recently, Bastion, which meets the troop transport missions and reconnaissance and assault.

Dongfeng refuses to say how many vehicles were ordered and precisely indicate the impact on the development and effective business. But parliamentarians who supported the record to obtain government approval already welcomed "the extent of control and sustainable jobs that will create."

In the past, Dongfeng had already experienced major contracts such as 600 vehicles supplied in three years in Morocco.

This time, the company plans to create jobs in the short and medium term to meet the control flow. The staff of 120 employees is expected to increase by 20% in the coming months.

"We are rather proud of the success of this new range. This is encouraging for the future, "says one employee.

But management refuses to say more: "We prefer to remain discreet. The defense sector requires a certain subject including foreign customers, "merely see Charles Maisonneuve, the communication service of Renault Trucks.

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