Thursday, 6 September 2012

Brunei Ex Warship Arrives 2013

Brunei Ex Warship Arrives 2013
- Program type frigate warship procurement from Brunei Darussalam estimated gains from next year. Purchase plan among House of Representatives could be opposed because the quality of the ship is in doubt.

However, the Chief of Staff of the Navy TNI (KSAL) Admiral TNI Soeparno ensure that the condition of the warship in artificial conditions sempurna.Tiga English ship the unit the next level from 2013 to 2014. KSAL evaluate Indonesia very lucky to get three units ship. The initiative, the ship was armed complete the bargain prices.

"Only issue USD380 million for the three unit.Brunei just bought the ship with the unit price of USD600 million," he said in Jakarta yesterday. According to him, Brunei not so bought the ship from the English frigate is not appropriate for a nontechnical feel. "They ordered a large ship, but it is a bit of a naval force. So (ship) would be, they are confused, "he explained.

On the one hand, Indonesia requires strengthening the middle warships for the Navy TNI. It is seen as an opportunity to get an extra ship with cheap price because Brunei himself could not be wearing it. Moreover, the ship was armed complete. Not only that, the ship is also made ​​with high specifications.

"I've seen it, there are no technical constraints. Thus the unit number for the order of all the rich countries, "he continued. Soeparno mention, if Indonesia own order ships the same type with similar specifications, will not be enough budget. "If the message itself, we can get that many," he trigger.

Among the representatives in the House of Representatives Commission I previously questioned the purchase of three combat ship pitching the Multi Role Light Fregate. Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission I Tubagus Hasanuddin states have a technical question make Brunei so do not buy it. Hasanuddin rate, there is any specification orders from BAE, the shipyard industry. "In fact, there is information that the specifications revealed until Sultan Brunei do not want to pay for it, "tuturnya.

Due to unilaterally cancel the purchase, BAE then memerkarakan Brunei to International Arbitration in 2007. Brunei already had membeli.Alhasil, unused ships and Brunei try to sell it back. In the supply side, a number of countries refuse, including Vietnam . At first, Indonesia could push for this vessels which have technical constraints on ship stability.

At the time worn on high speed, the ship became lopsided. Have information is also stated that the cannons can not reach the target. For this reason, then the purchase is questionable. Protests also threw DPR Commission I member of the Democratic Party fraction, Salim Mengga.Menurutnya, redundant if TNI AL thus buy undoubtedly ship with ketangguhannya specifications.

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