Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bahrain, UAE Probe Shipments Headed To Iran

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have confiscated a number of items Iran may have sought for its nuclear program, a development that diplomats said showed how enforcement of U.N. sanctions against Tehran is steadily improving.

The diplomats told Reuters that one of the items heading to Iran, but confiscated by Bahrain, was carbon fiber, a dual-use material that U.N. experts have said would be crucial if Iran was to develop more-advanced nuclear enrichment centrifuge technology.

Bahrain's and the UAE's confidential reports to the U.N. Security Council's Iran sanctions committee are politically significant, envoys said, because they highlight how more and more states are enforcing the sanctions.

Dubai, part of the UAE, has long been one of Iran's main transit hubs because of its busy port and position as a key financial center.

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