Thursday, 13 September 2012

Armament: DCNS in pole position for a contract of more than two billion

The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has awarded DCNS a contract upstream study about 10 million to prepare the launch of a tender for the construction of oil tankers for the Navy National.This contract is itself estimated at more than two billion euros.

This is a good news for all the industrial French naval, including DCNS shipyard based in Saint-Nazaire, STX. The Directorate General for Armaments (DGA) has decided, according to our information, trust in last weekend a small contract to DCNS upstream study (PEA) on the achievement of future oil tankers for the Navy. For the group DCNS naval, chaired by Patrick Boissier, it now represents a modest contract of less than 10 million euros, which should be announced in the coming days. But he anticipates the next two or three years a tender very large for the construction of several oil tankers, a contract valued at more than 2 billion euros.

STX major beneficiary of this project

If obtaining this PEA does not foreshadow DCNS win the future automatically tender, it nevertheless provides an undeniable advantage, according to observers. If successful, STX, the only shipyard to accommodate this type of project in France, would be the major beneficiary of this program in terms of workload. In March, a Ministerial Committee on defense spending (CMI) announced the launch of the renewal of the fleet. It was due to the amendment to the Finance Bill 2012 proposed by MEPs of Finistère, Marguerite Lamour, and Haute-Marne, François Cornut-Gentille. It has a budget of 5 million euros in 2012, PLF conduct preliminary studies for the project ..

Four oil tankers

In 2011, the Navy had four AORs Durance class, based in Toulon. The Meuse is the oldest but the most recent three, the Marne, the Somme and Var have facilities that allow them to carry a Staff. Navy had committed four oil tankers in Operation Harmattan. These buildings, the next replacement is seriously prepared, made nearly 150 refueling at sea, including some for the benefit of foreign vessels.

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