Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Syrian missile behind the Turkish plane crash in June (report)

The Turkish reconnaissance aircraft, whose wreckage was found last June in Syrian territorial waters, was shot by a Syrian surface to air missile, wrote Wednesday in the Turkish daily Hurriyet reference to the report of the investigation conducted by the military prosecutor of Turkey.

"Without knocking the plane, the missile exploded right under his left. Following the explosion, the pilots have been unable to continue a flight stable. Aircraft began to lose altitude before s crush on the water, "we read in the report cited by the newspaper.

Experts say the prosecution that the plane was in good technical condition, and that the crash occurred in international airspace.

On June 22, a reconnaissance aircraft Turkish RF-4E Phantom disappeared from radar screens half past one after taking off from the base Erhac in the Malatya province (south-eastern Turkey). After the incident, Damascus said that the aircraft had been shot down by air defense (DCA) Syrian airspace Syria.

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