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EAGLE 6x6 Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV)

    EAGLE 6x6 Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV), Switzerland

Eagle 6x6 is a light tactical vehicle manufactured by General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag. The vehicle was displayed for the first time in June 2012 at the Eurosatory 2012 exhibition in Paris.
The Eagle 6x6 is a more affordable light tactical vehicle delivering higher levels of mobility than its predecessors. The vehicle ensures the safe transportation of troops on the battlefield by offering protection against conventional and asymmetric threats.

EAGLE 6x6 variation models

Eagle 6x6 is available in seven mission variants including APC (armoured personnel carrier), ambulance, command and control vehicle, reconnaissance, NBC detection, mortar carrier, recovery and logistics transport vehicle.
The troop carriers, ambulance variants, recovery vehicles and other specialised versions are delivered with large capacity protected cabins to accommodate up to 14 soldiers, communication systems and mission systems.

Design features of the light tactical vehicle

Based on the combat proven DURO 6x6 chassis, EAGLE 6x6 utilises the hull design of EAGLE 4x4 vehicle. The standard layout of the vehicle houses the engine at the forward, crew cab in the middle and troop / cargo area at the rear. The modular design allows the installation of different superstructures with a range of load floors or mission modules.
The vehicle has an overall length of 6.9m, width of 2.2m and a height of 2.3m. The empty weight of the vehicle is 7,700kg. It can carry payloads of up to 6,000kg.
The EAGLE 6x6 is fitted with baseline equipment including air conditioning system, vehicle information system, run-flat tires, a can bus system, preheated unit, heated power mirror and electrically heated bulletproof glass.
The optional equipment includes self-recovery winch, central tire inflation system (CTIS), NBC overpressure system, fire suppression systems, RPG mitigation kit, customer specific C4ISTAR, weapons and other mission systems.

Armament of General Dynamics' military vehicle

The EAGLE 6x6 vehicle displayed at Eurosatory 2012 was fitted with Kongsberg M151 Protector remote weapon station (RWS) mounting Browning M2 .50 calibre machine gun and 40mm automatic grenade launcher.
The M151 Protector can also be mounted with small and medium calibre weapons such as an MK19 automatic grenade launcher, M249 light machine gun and M240 machine gun.
The gunner can operate the Protector from inside of the hull. The fully stabilised system is equipped with detached line of sight (DLOS) for observation and engagement of the targets.
The colour daylight camera offers a wide field of view for observation and a close-up view for tracking and engaging long distance targets.

Self-protection of the EAGLE 6x6

The protected crew cabin is made of high-strength armoured steel. The vehicle can be fitted with modular add-on armour kits made of steel or composite material. The add-on armour protects the crew from mines, IED and ballistic threats. The EAGLE 6x6 provides protected volumes of up to 16 cubic metres.
The vehicle offers ballistic and mine protection levels in accordance with Nato AEP-55 STANAG 4569 standards. EAGLE 6x6 can be provided with other ballistic and mine protection solutions based on the customer requirements.

Engine and mobility of the LTV

The EAGLE 6x6 is driven by Cummins ISB6.7 E3 245 Common Rail 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine mated with Allison 2500 SP 5-Speed automatic transmission. The engine delivers maximum power of 185kW. The power-to-weight ratio of the vehicle is 20hp/t.
The running gear consists of self locking torsion differential, De-Dion axles and a patented roll stabiliser. The roll stabiliser increases the off-road traction and eliminates the risk of body roll in curves.
The vehicle has air over hydraulic disc type brakes equipped with an anti-lock braking system. The permanent all-wheel drive and automatic tire pressure control system enhances the mobility of the vehicle on difficult terrains. The vehicle can be optionally fitted with rear-axle steering for increased mobility.
The EAGLE 6x6 has a maximum speed of 110km/h and a range of 700km. It can negotiate a gradient of 60% and a vertical obstacle of 0.5m.



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