Monday, 27 August 2012

Brazil Gets New Helicopters For Anti-Submarine Squadron

The Brazilian Navy on Thursday incorporated first two Seahawk helicopters (MH-16) into the naval force’s First Anti -Submarine Helicopter Squadron.

      The Navy will receive another two Sikorsky choppers later this year and will induct a final two of the same model in 2014.

      The helicopters are fitted with a fuel system that allows 5 hours of uninterrupted flight, and can reach a maximum speed of 160 knots (the equivalent of over 290 km/h) and also equipped with the latest generation sensors, side-firing machine gun, anti-submarine torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

      The helicopters will be used for a wide range of missions including surveillance, detection, localization, tracking, identification and engagement of submarines and surface targets, and search and rescue missions. They will replace the Sea King (SH-3A/B), used for over 40 years by the Naval Aviation.

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