Monday, 27 August 2012

Chinese: China’s new 155 mm guided artillery shells with a range of 100 km

According to Canada, “Chinese Defense Review,” the latest one reported, China’s Long March Trade Import and Export Corporation (ALMT) has just disclosed a paragraph numbered “WS-35″ 155 mm diameter precision-guided artillery shells, its range has reached 100 km, almost win a fight with the short-range ballistic missiles, but regardless of the cost or use elastic advantage.
article said weapons exhibition in Southeast Asia, ALMT launched publicly WS-35-style guided artillery shells for the 155 mm howitzer. The platform was undoubtedly the PLZ-05 self-propelled artillery, fired the shells by North Industries Group Corporation production, production shells of ALMT belonging to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
article quoted the the ALMT weapons display panels, said WS-35 artillery shells, there are two versions, but the use of GNSS/INS guidance system, install four stability wing tail, four stability wing is also installed on the warhead used to adjust the flight attitude.

the company said, the WS-35 guided projectile length 1620 mm, weight 18 kg, the theoretical rate of fire 5 rounds/minute, the storage time of 10 years, which has a range up to 100 km, Hit error of 40 meters.
see from the pictures, the WS-35 artillery shells appearance is quite similar to the U.S. “Excalibur guided artillery shells.
It is reported that Excalibur is the U.S. Army to develop the first GPS-guided artillery ammunition, is a modular ammunition, divided into three models, the maximum range of 64 km, and a very precise compared hit error of only 10-20 meters, and up to 370 m with traditional shells hit error can be described as “shoot with great precision.”
From this perspective, the WS-35 artillery shells can be described as “the Chinese version of the Excalibur.
However, the article is full of doubts about the Chinese version of the Excalibur “, the article pointed out that, even with the Rockets extended range technology on the international has not developed a range can reach 100 km the GPS or GNASS satellite guided artillery shells, roughly 22-60 km maximum range of existing products. Articles, or even suspected of typographical errors, “10 kilometers” written “100 km”.
Western military speculated that the the shells open from ALMT image analysis, WS-35 is put into pre. Taking into account the WS-35 launch platform dependent equipment of the PLA only PLZ-05 155mm self-propelled howitzers, and whether it meets the technical scope of NATO, can be emitted by the Western 155 mm caliber artillery is still under controversy, so its export prospects seem erratic.
However, there are scholars believe that the WS-35 has a range of 100 kilometers is not without possible contact to sell the shells of the Chinese aerospace industry sector, relying on its deep aviation air design skills shells with the better wing glider projectile resistance reducing design to achieve a range of 100 kilometers is not impossible.
Moreover, the manufacturing capacity of China’s own remote shells very amazing launch on the existing 155-mm artillery the exhaust shells at the bottom of the range on the more than 40 kilometers, even the U.S. military are extremely envious.
from the future form of war, WS-35 artillery shells at the advent of the forefront of the world, marking the Chinese Army “non-contact combat” level.
In addition, due to the improved accuracy, can greatly reduce the shells consumption, the logistical pressure to reduce. In addition, the shells have converted into a reconnaissance shells, artillery and U.S. military gap will be greatly reduced, or even leading.

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