Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Combat vehicle tank Khrizantema-S (9 P 157-2)

                                                    Khrizantema-S (KBM-Russia) 

Combat vehicle tank Khrizantema-S (9 P 157-2) was presented at the same time as the command vehicle (9 P 157-4).
Mounted on the frame of the BMP 3 , it has a firing position of two missiles retractable inside the machine. It is transportable by IL 76 .
Besides its function tank, the Khrizantema-S can also treat targets as bunkers or helicopters.

Loading ammunition occurs through a mechanism located on the right side of the vehicle. A stock of 15 missiles provides automatic replenishment of ammunition.
The Khrizantema-S has two guidance systems:
- The first in automatic radar
- The second semi automatic laser designation.
The missiles are equipped with two types of head military load HE (High Explosive) or tandem HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank). Their range is 6000 meters.
This system allows you to take day and night regardless of weather conditions. The vehicle is moving at 70 km / h road and autonomy of 600 km. Its self is provided by the gun (PKT) body to the left.
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