Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Russia will start mass production of its latest generation of fighter aircraft PAKFA T-50

Russia will mass produce fifth generation PAKFA T-50 fighters from 2015, Air Forces Commander Maj. Gen. Victor Bondarev said Monday, August 6, 2012. He said the PAKFA T-50, which is intended to succeed the MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters for the next 30 years, will be produced in volume after 2015.
 The SU-35, the cutting-edge jet fighter of the four-plus-plus generation, will go in mass production from as early as 2013, Bondarev added.

The PAKFA T-50, built by the major Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi, conducted its maiden flight in January 2010. The fighter combines the capabilities of a frontline bomber with an interceptor and employs stealth technology that makes the plane nearly invisible to enemy early warning systems.

The SU-35 fighter makes up about half of Russian arms exports. Russia sells the planes to more than 30 countries.

 Asian Defence News

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