Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kavkaz-2012 Drills to Involve Live Firing of Iskander Missiles

The Kavkaz-2012 military exercises, which will take place in southern Russia in September, will involve the live firing of Iskander ballistic missile complexes, the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel General Alexander Postnikov, said on Tuesday.
“Some elements of high-accuracy weapons operated by the Ground Forces will be involved, including Iskander missile complexes,” Postnikov told journalists.
Sea- and air-launched cruise missiles, as well as anti-ship complexes will also be fired during the drills, which will take place on September 17-23 and involve some 8,000 Russian troops.
The live firing of high-accuracy weapons is aimed at testing the efficiency of their fire-control systems, Postnikov said.

He assured that the military will put all the necessary security arrangements in place ahead of the drills.
“We understand the conditions in which the exercises will take place, and preventive security measures will certainly be taken. We have all the capabilities to ensure this,” he added.
Asian Defence News

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