Monday, 6 August 2012

Russia to Sell 18 Su-30K for Vietnam

                The 18 Su-30K will be upgraded to Su-30KN before transferred to Vietnam

Belvpo Russian newspaper cited sources from the defense industry consortium, said Russia does not want to sell 18 Su-30K used aircraft for Belarus.
Instead of providing the Su-30K for its ally Belarus, Rosoboronexport leadership has decided to sell them to Vietnam.
All 18 Su-30K aircraft Indian Air Force has been using for 10 years then returned to Russia to replace the Su-30MKI aircraft with more modern.
However, this aircraft was transferred to the plant No. 558 in Belarus to repair and upgrade then resold to third parties without bringing back to Russia to avoid import duties of customs.
Each has been much speculation about the fate of 18 Su-30K and its destinations. There are reports that Belarus would like to buy the whole lot this plane, and that Russia does not extend credit to them (Belarus) to purchase the Group's Irkut aircraft.
Meanwhile, Vietnam has sent military delegations to several flight tests and offered to buy back.
But new information reveals that Belvpo sheet shows that the fate of 18 Su-30K aircraft Russia has been determined. The aircraft will be upgraded to Su-30KN standard more modern and then transferred to the Air Force in Vietnam.
Asian Defence News

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