Monday, 6 August 2012

Indonesian National Army Purchase Missile C-705 and KS-1A from China Fast Materialises

                              Surface-to surface missile C-705 is to reach 135 kilometers
Indonesian National Army Navy will buy missiles ensure C705 from China in 2013 ahead. "Chavez has very high accuracy," said the Head of Department of Information TNI AL, Rear-Admiral Profit Suropati, Sunday 5 August 2012.

Ministry of Defence said the article purchase this missile has been said in President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's visit to China, last March 2012. This article then follow up with a meeting titled "First Defense Industry Cooperation Meeting RI-China", the end of last July 2012.

The head of the Ministry of Defence Centre for Public Communication, Brigadier General Hartind Asrin, said missile with 135 kilometer mileage has been tested twice in the Sunda Straits since 2011. "Chavez has proven effective when tested try," said Hartind.

On 30 August later, Hartind added, China will provide the first stage proposal that contains the technical specifications. New, in September, both parties will determine the price and number of missiles purchased. If there is no obstacle, he said, the government will sign the purchase contract C075 missile at 1 March 2013.

TNI Navy has also tested missiles in the 2011 Russian original Yakhont ago. Missiles, said profit, in contrast with C705 missiles. "C705 has a reach of some of the Yakhont missiles," he said. For that reason, said profit, Yakhont suited for battle in the waters wide, while the C705 fit in the waters of the islands.

Vice-Chairman of Defense Commission Tubagus Hasanuddin said the purchase was approved by the C705 missile House of Representatives. "It is allocated from the Budget of Income and Expenses of the Year 2010," said Hasanuddin.
Asian Defence News

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