Friday, 10 August 2012

Philippine poll agency said that almost 55% of the Philippine people did not trust China

Philippine polling organization, the” social climate station released the latest survey results show, in the Philippines Huangyan Island incident, the Filipinos trust fell to historic lows.
[World Wide Web reports reporter Tan Julia] the Philippines, a polling organization, released the latest survey results show that after the incident in the Huangyan Island, the Philippines, Filipinos trust fell to a historic low .
According to the Philippine Business World Journal “reported on August 10, the above findings is published by the Philippine pollsters social climate station. The investigation commenced on May 24 to 27, 55 percent of respondents said China’s “almost no confidence”, and only 19 percent of respondents said China was “very trusted”, the two The difference of 36 percentage points. In addition, 48 percent of respondents said they are very concerned about the Huangyan Island incident. In March this year, the agency launched the investigation of the same theme, China expressed “great confidence” (39%) of respondents were even higher than “almost do not trust” (29%).

reported that China’s overall sense of trust of the Filipino people, according to the historical findings of the above-mentioned institutions, also in June 1995 “36″, this low, then just happened between China and the Philippines Mischief Reef incident. The matter is also in the two countries around the South China Sea for a long time one of the dispute.
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