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Expert: China’s special forces fighting spirit is stronger than the foreign armies, but the lack of experience

This year in the first half, the Chinese special forces met with the Thai Marines, Indonesia’s special forces held a “blue surprise -2012,” razor -2012 “joint training.
In recent years, out of consideration to increase its military transparency, our military is gradually such jointly by Chinese and foreign special forces conducted exercises and training of normalization. Through such joint training, to improve the overall level of the building of the Chinese special forces played an active role.
compared with foreign armies, the construction of our special forces start late, even though we attach great importance to the use of special operations in different historical periods, but until 1988 the first special forces unit set up before marking The special forces of the military modernization was officially established.
for reasons of confidentiality, our military special forces have been acting in a low profile, their movements are not known to outsiders. In recent years, with the growing number of foreign military exchanges, the Chinese special forces have gradually exposed the true colors.
1998, the army invited to participate for the first time in Estonia organized by the International Scout competition will be awarded for “most outstanding performance of team honor. Since then, a number of similar international competitions, the Chinese special forces performance is nothing short of spectacular.
2009 years, in the 14th session of the NATO international special forces competition, Andrew Lubo Boyd, the first entry of Chinese special forces with the British, “Goldman”, the U.S. “Green Berets”, Israel “wild boy” and other world-renowned special forces after a fierce rivalry, and ultimately to an absolute advantage to break the record of six, the number of gold medals, medals and three team score first.

in various international competitions, honors, enough to prove the combat effectiveness of our military special forces favorably with those well-known foreign special forces, it is mainly manifested in several ways:
First of all, the fighting spirit of our military is stronger than the foreign armies. Bravery has always been our army to tackle tough Trump. SCS members Yoshimatsu said: “Erna assault match game, special forces to be weight over 30 kg, in four days and three nights, nearly 200 km long-range strike, the entire process is almost no time to rest, physical consumption limit, the body was numb, but only the spiritual existence, and tenacious perseverance and tempered into a steel body is simply unable to complete the task. “
Second, the personal qualities hard to compete. Very strict quality requirements of our military SCS members. Information, the U.S. Navy SEALs “should be recruited nine-year high school or above education. Our military, too, and the conditions of certain forces even higher, 60% of the Guangzhou Military Region Special Forces members of the college diploma.
combat skills requirements, our army is no better than their foreign counterparts is poor. Marine Corps, for example, the team members during service, in addition to master the land, sea and air, police up to hundreds of weapons, but also to master skydiving, demolition, diving, climbing, skiing, car, boat driving, martial, orientation judgment, map recognition skills.
In addition, the skills needed to master reconnaissance, capture enemy-trial prisoners, photography, video and other means of access to intelligence information, and contact with cryptography multi-channel dissemination of intelligence.
Finally, the weapons and equipment, not inferior to foreign armies. Foreign special forces, special forces of our military have a prior right to use the latest weapons and equipment, to have weapons of every – night vision goggles, night vision devices, laser range finder, satellite positioning equipment, battlefield television, unmanned aerial vehicles, power delta-wing aircraft, 95 gun family.
of course, to see the advantage at the same time, we can not turn a blind eye to its own deficiencies. Compared with world-renowned special forces, the gap between our military special forces, are: First, the lack of actual combat experience; the level of weapons and equipment information needs to be improved.
In addition, at the macro level, the development of our military special forces is still a long way to go. Mainly in the following three aspects:
first Special Forces construction elevated to a strategic height to understand. After the Gulf War, many Western countries, the special forces from behind the scenes to the front, the role of special forces is no longer confined to the battlefield of the main action of the escort, but more for the implementation of the strategic significance of action, Special Forces has been given more play.
the construction of our army special forces affected by many factors limit, still based on the meeting of the Battle of demand, point to its mandate for protection of the frontal battlefields, the main operations of the future battle, which under modern conditions, special forces positioning has been disproportionate.
Second, do a good job in the top-level design of the special forces building. To the special forces built a kind of forces, this is the first need to solve the problem before us. A Special Forces officers attending the fourteenth session of the NATO international special forces competition in service for many years, some emotion, said: “Through this contest, we also see some directional issues of special forces training, that is to say on the battlefield what they need, what we practice. “Therefore, the construction of the special forces must be with the times, to establish a scientific and reasonable, to adapt our military development ideas.
third, to establish a unified command structure. In recent years, many countries are adjusting their special forces command system, the establishment of a unified command structure. This regard, the U.S. military has to go in ahead, after the Gulf War, the U.S. military set up the Special Operations Command. Not long ago, the Russian military in charge of Special Forces Special Operations Bureau, can be seen to establish a unified special forces command structure has become a trend.
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