Sunday, 12 August 2012

IDF Buying 2,000 Used Hummers From American Stockpile In Iraq

The IDF plans to buy 2,000 used Hummer vehicles from the US military following the completion of its withdrawal from Iraq.

The vehicles are currently stored in US bases throughout the region and are being sold to Israel at a fraction of the cost of a new Hummer. A senior IDF officer said this week that the military was also mulling the purchase of used trucks, tents and other assorted equipment.

“They do not want to pay to ship all of the equipment back to the US and prefer to sell it at a lower price which is an opportunity for Israel,” the officer explained.

Last year, the IDF Technology and Logistics Directorate dispatched a representative to the US who is responsible for keeping an eye out for “military sales,” basically deals on surplus equipment or other opportunities like that which was created with the Hummers due to the withdrawal from Iraq.

Once they arrive in Israel, the Hummers will be refurbished and then placed in storage for reserve units. Asian Defence News

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