Sunday, 12 August 2012

Egypt sent medium-range missiles to Sinai

Egyptian troops have routed several launch pads for medium-range missiles the Sinai as part of the antiterrorist operation, said Saturday in Cairo representative of the security forces of the country.

"Ramps firing of medium-range missiles were transferred from the Suez Canal to Sinai. They will strengthen the Egyptian troops participating in the operation of restoring security on the peninsula attacked by extremist groups," said responsible.

The reinforcements dispatched to Sinai also include 200 soldiers and artillery, he said.

Last Friday, an additional 50 tanks arrived in the Sinai. In total, over 150 armored vehicles are engaged in the antiterrorist operation, the largest since the Israeli-Egyptian conflict of 1973, according to eyewitnesses.

The Egyptian army and the troops of the interior of the country are preparing to launch an offensive against El Jebel Halal, mountainous area of ​​central Sinai, where the main forces of the extremists, according to the military. The offensive could begin as early as Saturday.

The Egyptian army has launched an operation against extremists in the Sinai after a group of Islamists attacked the border crossing of Karm Abu Salem, between Egypt and Israel on Sunday night. Sixteen Egyptian military were killed and seven wounded in the attack Sunday.
Asian Defence News

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