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BMP-3K command infantry fighting vehicle

BMP-3K command infantry fighting vehicle
Kurganmashzavod - Russia

BMP-3K is a command vehicle developed on the basis of BMP-3 Infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and intended to carry out battalion level command and control of subordinate units, to communicate with major unit (regiment) commanding authorities and accomplish combat mission as an organic part of combat sub-unit.
The BMP-3K crew consists of commander, gunner, and driver. There are also 3 more working stations (+2 spare seats) provided for commanding officers.
The main armament of BMP-3K command vehicle includes 100 mm gun launcher for firing with guided and unguided ammunition, 30 mm automatic cannon and 7.62 mm machine gun, all mounted as one unit.
With its high fire power and advanced fire control system the BMP-3K command vehicle is able to fight against various types of ground and low flying aerial targets, taking part in combat operations along with the standard BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles.
As well as other vehicles based on BMP-3 chassis, the command vehicle BMP-3K features high characteristics of mobility, float-ability, protection and reliability, BMP-3K is characterized by excellent off-road capabilities, develops 70 km/h speed and moves afloat with 10 km/h speed even at rough sea. Special aluminium alloys used in hull and turret design, additionally installed auxiliary armor shields and active protection systems ensure reliable level of the vehicle protection.
Command vehicle BMP-3K is fully adapted to operation in extremely hot environment due to the fan-type ventilation system of the engine and air conditioning system for the crew. The crew is provided with comfort operational conditions at ambient temperature up to +50°C.

Moreover, the BMP-3K is fitted with additional navigation equipment and communication means, including the following:

  • TNA-4 navigation equipment;
  • Additional VHF radio station, receiver and intercom facilities;
  • Additional power unit;
  • Magnetic aiming circle PAB-2M with azimuth attachment.
At customer's request, the BMP-3K command vehicle is provided with possibility for installation od command and control system, navigation equipment and communication means currently employed at customer's army.

The following upgraded systems and new units are also offered for installation to the BMP-3K command vehicle at customer's request:
  • New more powerfull UTD-32 (UTD-32T) engine with 660 hp;
  • VESNA-K sighting system with thermal imaging camera and AST-B automatic target tracker;
  • Commander's observation device TKN-AI with laser active-pulse illumination or commander's panoramic sight;
  • Digital ballistic computer DBC-88;
  • ATGM loading mechanism;
  • Driver's day/night vision device TVK-1;
  • ARENA-E active protection system, SHTORA-1 optoelectronic suppression system or explosive reactive armor (ERA) set;
  • Additional volumetric armor shields;
  • IUSSh-688 chassis information system or EPVO electronic assistant to the crew;
  • KBM-3M  air conditioner for the manned compartment or air conditioner power unit.
All of the above equipment and other upgrading options can provide a considerable improvement of ergonomics, mobility, protection and fire power of BMP-3K command vehicle


Type: tracked, armoured, amphibious
Combat weight: 18.7 + 2% t
Crew: 3 + 3 (+2 spare)
Length (over hull): 6.715 m
Width (over tracks): 3.150 m
Height (over sighting devices): 2.30 m
Ground clearance: 0.45 m
Maximum speed on highway: 70 km/h
Average speed on dry unpaved road: 45 km/h
Maximum speed afloat: 10 km/h
Cruising range: 600 km
Gradient: 35°
Side slope: 20°
Trench: 2.5 m
Vertical obstacle: 0.8 m
Engine type: UTD-32T with 660 hp


Gun launcher: rifled, semi-automatic
Model: 2A70
Calibre: 100 mm
Rate of fire: 10 rds/min
Maximum firing range: 4000 m
Ammunition allowance: 22 (in loading mechanism conveyor)

Cannon: automatic
Type: 2A72
Calibre: 30 mm
Rate of fire: 300 rds/min
Ammunition allowance: 500 rounds

Coaxial machine gun: 1x PKTM
Calibre: 7.62 mm
Maximum range of aimed fire: 2000 m
Rate of fire: 800 rds/min
Ammunition allowance: 2000 rounds

ATGM ammunition allowance: 3 pcs

Navigation equipment: TNA-4 complex to produce current coordinates, grid azimuth and vehicle destination angle with continuous display of its position on topographic map, automatic

Communication means

Radio station: simplex, transceiver VHF R-173
Radio range: up to 40 km
Receiver: VHF R-173P
Radio range: up to 20 km

Power unit

Model: AB1-P28, 5-V-1
Rated power: 1 kW
Rated voltage: 28.5 V
Rated current: 35.1 A Asian Defence News

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