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BMP-3F Marines Infantry Fighting vehicle

BMP-3F Marines Infantry Fighting vehicle
Kurganmashzavod - Russia

The BMP-3F is a Marines fighting vehicle, one of the BMP-3 versions, designed for quick reaction forces and marine troops acting without support of the main forces offshore on the enemy's territory.

As compared with the BMP-3, the BMP-3F design features a number of changes, which improve float ability and stability of the vehicle. In particular, the heavy entrenching equipment is removed; a telescopic air-intake tube, lightweight bow plane and additional turret anti-surge planes are installed on the BMP-3F vehicle. The BMP-3F vehicle features exceptionally manoeuvrability on water. It is able to move afloat at sea state 3 and deliver accurate firing at sea state 2. Time of continuous stay in water is increased up to 7 hours (with the running engine), which ensures safety and reliability of the BMP-3F operation in various conditions at all stages of its offshore employment.
The water-jet propellers enable the BMP-3F to develop 10 km/h speed afloat and provide easy operation of the vehicle.
The Vehicle design ensures the BMP-3F coming out to unprepared banks in wave-beating conditions and towing the vehicle of the same type.
The BMP-3F fire control system comprises main gunner's sight SOZH-M with integrated laser range finder and ATGM guiding channel. The fire control system can be optionally fitted with VESNA-K sighting system with a thermal imaging camera and AST-B automatic target tracker ensuring target identification and aimed fire at large distances in any environment, TKN-AI round-the-clock commander's vision device and a digital ballistic computer.

At customer's request the BMP-3F vehicle can be fitted with the following upgraded systems and new components:

  • UDT-32 (UDT-32T) diesel engine of increased power;
  • TVK-1 driver's day/night vision device;
  • SHTORA-1 protection system against high-precision weapons or ARENA-E defensive aids suite;
  • KBM-3M2 air conditioner.


Type: tracked, armoured, amphibious
Combat weight: 18.5 + 1% t
Crew: 3 + 7
Length (over hull): 6.715 m
Width (over tracks): 3.150 m
Height (over sighting devices): 2.30 m
Ground clearance: 0.45 m
Maximum speed on highway: 70 km/h
Average speed on dry unpaved road: 45 km/h
Maximum speed afloat: 10 km/h
Cruising range: 600 km
Gradient: 35°
Side slope: 20°
Trench: 2.5 m
Vertical obstacle: 0.8 m
Engine type: UTD-29T, four stroke, multi-fuel, liquid cooled
Gross power: 331 kW (450 hp)


Gun launcher: rifled, semi-automatic
Model: 2A70
Calibre: 100 mm
Rate of fire: 10 rds/min
Maximum firing range: 4000 m
Ammunition allowance: 22 (in loading mechanism conveyor)

Cannon: automatic
Type: 2A72
Calibre: 30 mm
Rate of fire: 300 rds/min
Ammunition allowance: 500 rounds

Coaxial machine gun: 3x PKTM
Calibre: 7.62 mm
Maximum range of aimed fire: 2000 m
Rate of fire: 800 rds/min
Ammunition allowance: 6000 rounds

ATGM ammunition allowance: 8 pcs

Main gunner's sight: SOZH-M, day, active-passive night, with independent field of view stabilization in two planes, with integrated range finder

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