Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mobile Observation for Infantry and Special Forces

ESC-BAS adds new RF sensor to its observation systems

The Israeli company ESC BAZ released a mobile observation system for infantry soldiers and special forces, which also includes an easy-to-use light RF (Radio Frequency) sensor. This represents a new and significant addition to the remotely-controlled AMI and ROOSTER observation systems that have been in IDF use for many years, and have also been used by global militaries and police forces.

The system enables soldiers to sit in a concealed and distant post and operate the system, including moving and directing the observation systems, measuring ranges and laser marking, determining targets in advance, recording video on two channels and more. This comes as part of the Force Protection perception for reducing the risk to the lives of soldiers in the framework of certain activities.

The current integration with the RF sensor installed near the observation measure is intended to provide an immediate warning to the user at the moment of detection, even before noticing anything unusual. The sensor directs the observation system to the detection area with automatic zoom and focus, in order to allow real-time video investigation, With the purpose of shortening the detection time to the minimum and potentially saving lives in emergency situations.

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