Saturday, 1 December 2012

Belgium wants to allow private guards. Unions reluctant military

The project of the Belgian government to allow private military companies on board merchant vessels transiting the national Indian Ocean does not raise the accession of all the military and some questions from MPs. " The government has put the finger in a gear that will be very dangerous and problematic, despite the strict measures that have been taken , "says the union and military defense CGSP (socialist).They fear that once approved, these private companies become economically indispensable, even if piracy disappeared from the Somali coast. With budget cuts in the naval component of the army, " the next government will have no choice but to extend authorizations (private guards) , and even multiply . "Ultimately, it is feared that the CGSP budgetary difficulties constitute an argument against the involvement of the Belgian defense in anti-piracy, as is now the Louise-Marie off the Indian Ocean .

One team turned military since 2009

While the government has proposed to merchant ships to embark a team of military protection board VPD ( Vessel Protection Detachments ). But three years ago, this possibility has not been activated once. it is true that a certain cost to shipowners - 115,000 euros - and they prefer to use the services of private companies. For Defence Minister Pieter De Crem (CD & V, Flemish Christian Democrat, the problem is budgetary priorities ... and as he said in a response to Georges Dallemagne, Senator CDH (Francophone Christian Democrats) early November. " Unlike the French defense, we do not have equipment, weapons and ammunition in the areas concerned. transport by air and therefore costly Belgian shipowners require to be able to call security companies private. "

Towards legalization of private guards

The Belgian government has submitted to the office of the Chamber of Deputies in October, two draft law authorizing the use of private security guards in a legislative framework. Geographically, their use is strictly limited to the Somali coast. And the companies concerned must show their credentials both in terms of their personnel, their equipment or their experience in maritime security.

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