Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Already 181 widebody flights to evacuate 560 vehicles and 490 containers of Afghanistan

Apart from the two thousand soldiers repatriated since May 2012, 39% of equipment and vehicles involved in the first phase of withdrawal French regained the city. By the end of the year, this figure will increase to 48%. The second phase is expected to last six months and lead to the removal of another thousand soldiers.

Colonel Michel AndrĂ©, the second in command of the CMT ( center mutimodal transport , responsible for strategic liaison referrals in regard to Afghanistan, the CCPO, the CICLO and PAMIR), states that the cargo in question includes "2 680 units with 1,150 vehicles and 1,530 containers. "

According to him, during the last weeks of December and early January, "a major effort will be made ​​because the climatic conditions are optimal, cold room to load up the big carriers." These Antonov andBoeing 747 provide at KAIA start, now all transfer out of way in Afghanistan. "181 flights have already taken place from 20 to 30% of these flights (to repatriate sensitive cargo helicopters, ammunition ...) directly to France, the rest to the UAE" where the cargo is loaded on boats.

Recourse to the surface is still being considered. "Technically, it's ready" ensures Colonel AndrĂ©. But all negotiations between states that have not yet been completed, the use of these routes has still not materialized. However, the cabinet of the French Minister of Defense announced that the northern route via Uzbekistan, will be convoys tests.

These surface streets are threefold: 
- the way south to the ports of Pakistan (the cheapest route) 
- the way north through Kazakhstan air starting Kabul railway to the Baltic ports and sea 
- the Another way north via Uzbekistan: road to Mazar-i-Sharif, and railway and sea from the Baltic ports.

It is the company Daher, issued by the MinDef, which is responsible for the musical setting of this maneuver exfiltration freight.

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