Saturday, 11 August 2012

UK Destroyers, Tanks for Sale

The procurement of well-maintained defence equipment from the UK armed forces offers an extremely attractive, cost effective alternative to the purchase of new equipment. Through our relationship with UK industry, the Capital Equipment Sales team can also facilitate through-life support packages to provide a complete capability.

Equipment is only available for sale on a Government to Government basis.

Type 42 - Destroyers - Batch 3

Type 42 Destroyer (HMS York)

2 Vessels expected to become available in timeframe 2012/13

Displacement: 4,675 tonnes
Length: 462.8ft, 141.1m
Beam: 49ft, 14.9m
Draught: 19ft, 5.8m
Speed: 30+ kts
Range: 4,000 miles at 18kts
Crew: 200

GoalKeeper Cannon
GoalKeeper Ship-Mounted Cannon
Calibre: 30mm
Muzzle Velocity: 1,020 m/s (TP, HEI); 1,150 m/s (APDS)
Traverse: Unlimited
Elevation: -25 to 85 degrees
Mounting Weight: 6.8 tonnes
Crew: 0
Range 200m to 3km (1.61 n miles)
Rates of fire: 4,200 rds/min
Ammunition: 369g (TP, HEI, HEISD, API, MPDS)

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The MoD is also advertising for sale on this website COBRA counter-battery radars, Scimitar light tracked armoured vehicles, and C-130K Hercules transport aircraft.)

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to reach the MoD’s DSA website.

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