Saturday, 18 August 2012

Uganda and Iraq Interested in Panser Anoa

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki impressed with artificial Anoa Panser PT Pindad. Consequently, Al Maliki asked the Iraqi Ministry of Defense to deepen military cooperation between Indonesia and Iraq.

When you receive the Vice Minister of Defense Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday (14/8), strongly support the idea of ​​Iraqi PM to boost military cooperation between the two countries.

Sjafrie explained that Indonesia and Iraq working together at least in the two fields. First, the increase in capacity building through exchange of officers of the two countries and strengthening cooperation both through military equipment.

Iraqi ambassador accompanied Wamenhan Safzen Noerdin, Director General for Defense Strategy Mayjen Puguh Santoso, President Director of PT Pindad sister and explain that PT Pindad Sudarsono not only able to make weapons, but also armor. In addition to adjustable arms long and short barrel, made panser Pindad has been exported to many countries.

Iraqi PM who receive a souvenir form long barrel weapons SS seemed enthusiastic to see the Pindad-made weapons. It then asks desirest office to follow up the possibility of cooperation with direct trip to Indonesia.

Seconds later to extend visits to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, Sjafrie showcase all military equipment and supporting Indonesia produced. The Secretary General of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense General Hafedz Saad, Wamenhan show from military shirt, helmet, shoes, food for soldiers, to arms length adjustable made Pindad.

As well as Iraqi PM, Hafedz impressed with products made in Indonesia. He ordered some Kemhan director general at Iraq to perform communication with the President, Pindad.

Sjafrie hoped that the same is done in the field of military personnel. Wamenhan say that they have undertaken the war experience and the handling of Iraqi army terrorism can be a useful provision for Indonesian army.

"I think the good cooperation between the Indonesian military and Iraq we upgrade. We also want to study in Indonesia that many fruitful in addressing terrorism," said Hafedz.

Sjafrie also likely to visit University of Defense for Military Studies (DUFMS) belonging to Iraq. Wamenhan received directly and get explanations from Rector Lt. Gen. Jasim DUFMS.

Uniquely, DUFMS in Iraq is their address from the military academy, school staff commandos, to the board of the national resistance. Even now this DUFMS open academy for ethical principles and militarily. (MI / DNI)

 Asian Defence News

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