Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Two new pistols ZAFAR and ZAFAR-K accepted by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan.

Three pistol models jointly produced by the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan and Turkey’s TISAS were accepted by the Defense Ministry and several other security organizations of Azerbaijan as duty weapons, defense sources told APA


Azerbaijan began serial production of the pistols titled as “Zafar”, “Zafar-K” and “Inam” in 2011. Up to date the Armed Forces and Ministry of Justice have purchased several installments of such pistols and recently the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Emergency Situations have given new orders.

Its comfortable use and accuracy allow newly-produced pistols to differ from Makarov pistols currently used as duty weapon by the security services. Duration of fire is 25 000 bullets and capacity of magazine case is larger than Makarov.

  Asian Defence News

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