Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The SSBN "Severodvinsk" will take a cruise missile of 2,500 km

The first atomic submarine project 885 Iassen class will have cruise missiles Kalibr unparalleled in the world, informs ITAR-TASS. Subsonic version to hit ground targets, the scope of this missile exceeds 2,500 kilometers, has communicated to reporters Tuesday a source in the Russian defense industry.

"The missile met all the requirements of the Department of Defense in scope, precision strike and stealth effect. Nobody in the world has missile with the same operational and technical performance, "said the expert. He noted that the cruise missile Kalibr had a combat load variable.

"The missile warhead will carry a piece. If the combat load is typical, the scope will be 2500 kilometers ".

The Kalibr is a high precision weapon: its deviation from the target after a distance of a thousand miles does not exceed two or three meters. Supersonic anti-ship version, the scope is the Kalibr is 375 kilometers. By comparison, the U.S. Tomahawk cruise missile version for general cargo submarines have a range of 1150 kilometers. / L
Asian Defence News

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