Friday, 24 August 2012

SD-ROW self defence remotely operated weapon

An impressively easy to use light weight weapon system, fitted with a small caliber weapon, ideal for a variety of soft-skinned, light armored and mine protected vehicles.

The Self Defense Remotely Operated Weapon (SD-ROW) enables forces to engage hostile targets without exposing operators to harm during day and night. It is designed to need only one operator and the installation is extremely simple. Depending on the selected weapon configuration, it is effective against enemy targets over a 600 m range.

The SD-ROW can be used for first-order defense for logistic transport carriers, as well as on support and repair vehicles.

Intuitive Control Interface

For easy operation in a typical truck cabin, the SD-ROW operator manipulates the turret and fires the weapon using a simple Human Machine Interface (HMI), consisting of a unique control interface with an integrated display (similar to a game console). The HMI unit can be stowed and is portable, enabling the driver or co-driver to operate the SD-ROW. Real-time video received from the cameras on the weapon station is displayed to the operator overlaying information digitally. Fixed ballistic aiming lines are displayed to help the operator compensate for distance with the aiming point moving according to the selected distance.
The system has a typical 10 - 600 m application distance resulting in a very low trajectory for 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm calibre ammunition. Direct input buttons for fast left, front and right turret positioning enables the operator to rapidly acquire and engage targets without becoming disoriented.

System Characteristics

Height: < 600 mm
Width: < 500 mm
Length Sweep radius: < 650 mm (including a 7,62 mm calibre barrel)
Weight: Typical 75 kg including 200 rounds of ammunition
Stabilisation: Stabilised for use on the move
Laying accuracy: Better than 1 mRad

Operational Envelope and Performance

Traverse: Standard: ±135º, Optional n x 360º
Elevation: -20º to 80º
Speed: Traverse: 100º/s - Elevation: 80º/s

Weapon Safety and Operation

All weapon functions are remotely controlled with various safety mechanisms


SD-ROW can be adapted for the following weapons:
  • M240 7,62 x 51 mm MAG 58/C6
  • M249 5,56 mm (US version of Minimi)
  • SS-77 7,62 x 51 mm
  • Mini SS 5,56 x 45 mm NATO
  • MG3 German 7,62 x 51 mm NATO
  • PKM 7,62 x 54 mm Russian

All weapon functions such as cocking, safety and firing are remotely controlled from within the cabin
of the vehicle.

Sight and Aiming System

Standard: 2 FOV day camera 5º and 22º
Optional: Additional 2 FOV day camera 2.5º and 7.6º
Optional: LRF up to a range of at least 2500 m with < 5 m accuracy
Optional: Un-cooled TIS with FOV of 9.4º and 4.7º

Ability to detect a human up to 2000 m and recognition up to 700 m by night.
Various options of IR cameras can be offered.

Operator Control Unit

The system is controlled by a single handheld controller/display unit
Realtime computer calculates ballistic compensation
Display type: 6,5” LCD: 1,024 x 768 resolution
Start-up response time: 5 seconds to start-up, 30 seconds for BIT testing (excluding extreme temperature conditions)

Vehicle Interface

Mechanical on roof: 3x M10 Bolts
Inside vehicle: Flat panel mount
Electrical: 24 VDC nominal 5 A with 30 A peaks


Environmental qualification according to MILstandards


  • Allows under-armour protected target engagement without exposing the gunner
  • Greater accuracy than a ring station
  • “On-the-move” engagement and observation capability
  • Gunner or driver can operate the weapon without changing position
  • Accurate target confirmation/identification
  • Simple and fast installation and removal for transport or to change to another vehicle (typically less than 30 minutes)
  • Weapon can be easily removed for personal operation

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