Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Russia’s Olympic Medalists Given Luxury Cars

Many of Russia’s medal-winning Olympic athletes were presented with luxury cars Wednesday, with each medalist promised a car.
Many of Russia’s gold medalists received their cars near Red Square after being given state honors by President Vladimir Putin in a ceremony at the Kremlin.
Each of the 129 Russians who won medals in individual or team events in London will receive a personalized Audi, with different models for gold, silver and bronze winners.
The athletes will also be allowed to skip the lengthy and bureaucratic Russian registration process, Alexander Katushev, executive director of the Russian Olympians' Support Fund, said.
"According to my information, the traffic police will help to register the car very quickly and in a very high-quality way," he said.
"All [the athletes] need to do is to say beforehand what region."
One of Russia’s athletes, 400 meter hurdles gold medalist Natalia Antyukh, said she found the constant ceremonies laid on for Russia’s returning athletes to be rather draining.
“These events are really hard. I’ve been on my feet since the early morning and these events don’t stop,” she said.

“Now I need to go to the Interior Ministry because I represent the Dynamo club. It’s all fine, but it’s hard, both physically and emotionally.”
Antyukh was given the Order of Honor by Putin, a higher class of award than most of the gold medalists received.
Asian Defence News

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