Sunday, 5 August 2012

Poland will develop its own missile defense system (Komorowski)

Poland must develop its own missile defense shield that is part of NATO, in participation in the American - it is a "political mistake," said Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said in an interview to the magazine Wrpost .

"We must have this element of defense. It is absurd to spend huge sums of money for military equipment if it did not protect against attacks most typical and most dangerous - air and missile attacks" , he said.

According to Mr. Komorowski, the Polish anti-missile system will be part of the shield of NATO, in participation with the U.S. plans, is "a great political mistake."

"By accepting the American proposal, we have not considered the political risk associated with the change of president. We paid a high price and must not repeat the same mistake," concluded the head of the Polish State .

In 2008, Poland agreed to host on its territory bases SM-3 interceptor missiles. The first elements of U.S. missile defense system will be deployed in 2018.

    Asian Defence News

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