Thursday, 2 August 2012

New IDF Navigation System to Warn Transport Vehicles of Local Threats

IDF develops a new system that will inform transport trucks in advance if a region is dangerous, providing updates and images from the field in real time
 A new system currently under development will enable Israel Defense Forces (IDF) transport trucks to detect in advance whether an area is considered dangerous. The highly advanced system uses a computerized navigation system, technological means that present exact aerial images, and provides situation images in real time.

An older model of the computerized navigation system was used by the IDF aid delegation sent to disaster-struck Haiti in 2010: A map was put into the system and the rescuers used it to navigate. Additionally, the system allows for updates in real time and reports on affected areas, enabling examination of the current situation in the field.

Two years later, after significant improvements, the IDF plans to incorporate the system into units operating to defend the Israeli home front. The first attempt to implement the cooperation was held last week, during a large-scale training exercise where transport battalions trained in mobilizing forces and equipments across the country. "Most of the transport units' operation takes place within residential areas," explained commander of the transportation headquarters, Col. Yoram Azulai. "During the training exercise we simulated attacks against the home front including rockets hitting main roads that were blocked as a result. The new computerized navigation system provides transport commanders with a better image of the current situation in the area around them."

The system's operator can see the exact location of transport routes all across Israel and simultaneously receives updates on dangerous regions from the headquarters. Thus the new navigation system will warn him or her whether an area is potentially dangerous or where a chemical rocket may have fallen. The transport vehicles will maneuver accordingly and avoid danger.
 Asian Defence News

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