Monday, 6 August 2012

MBDA Germany Delivers Missile Threat Simulation

MBDA Germany has supplied a missile threat simulation tool to the German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB). This system enables the simulation of all types of missiles, particularly ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, with physical correctness and in the greatest possible detail – from launch to impact. Using this technology, technical propositions regarding threats can be organised, narrowed down and formulated with greater precision. Threats to nations or to troops on deployment from proliferating theatre ballistic, short-range and medium-range missiles (TBMs) can thus be analysed. Additionally, the data makes possible the analysis of the performance capability of air defence systems. The knowledge gained thereby can be used in the development of modern air defence systems. Finally, the threat simulation helps to continually expand and update the air defence target catalogue

“The threat simulation we have developed is unmatched in Germany. It is a part of our unique range of skills in the fields of air and missile defence which also includes our new simulation and integration centre, our test and training centre in Freinhausen and our laser weapon facilities. We want to continue to serve our customers with these skills in future,” asserted Walter Stammler, Head of Operations at MBDA Germany. 

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