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Iran Shahed 285 reconnaissance - attack - maritime helicopter

 Shahed 285 is a light attack/reconnaissance helicopter developed, designed and manufactured in Iran. It was unveiled on 24 May 2009. It is being produced in three versions: a light reconnaissance version, an attack version and a maritime patrol/anti-ship version. The Shahed 285 was unveiled in May 2009 on the anniversary of the 1982 liberation of the Iranian city Khoramshahr -- which was occupied by Iraqi forces during the 1980-88 war. The IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) says the state-of-the-art helicopter is capable of taking part in seaborne and airborne combat operations. 

Main variants:
- AH-85A: Light overland version. It is intended for low-intensity policing conflicts or border patrol. Armed with a 7.62 mm machine-gun in the nose and two 70-mm rocket pods on hard-points.
- AH-85B:
Heavy overland version. Although it has yet to be seen, this model is said to be intended for "non-symmetrical wars". [11] Nothing further is known.
- AH-85C
: Naval attack version. Equipped with a basic surface-search radar in it's nose instead of a machine-gun. Also equipped with a slightly different cockpit configuration then the AH-85A. Armament includes either two Kowsar AShMs or eight Sadid-1 missiles. 
The body is built of of "non-metallic composite components" which indicates materials like fiberglass, kevlar or other bullet-resistant fabrics, and even some of the lightweight ceramics though latter are exceptionally expensive.
Avionic and combat systems
The cockpit uses the basic instrumentation configuration from the Shahed 278 though additional controls can be found running along the left and right hand side of the cockpit.

The Shahed 285 prototypes are powered by the Allison 250-C20 engine while the production models are scheduled to be fitted with the more powerful 250-C20B which can be identified by the air splitter on the intakes for the engine which cannot be seen on the prototypes.
On the side of the fuselage, near the passenger doors, they are two weapons pylons with hard-points for various weapons. The Shahed 285 can carry autocanons, machine guns, guided missiles, anti-armor missiles and air-to-air and air-to-sea missiles.
One 7.62 mm PKMT machine-gun in a chin mount at the front of the helicopter. Twin pylons on either side carry a single LAU-68 rocket launcher each which can fire a total of 14 unguided rockets.
This heavier version can be armed with anti-tank guided missile and some heavier gun-pods.
No armament, but this version is equipped with a basic surface search radar.
attack / reconnaissance helicopter
Country user
Country producer
420 Shp engine power
225 km/h maximum
875 km maximum
820 kg empty
Length: 12.94 m; Height: 3.42 m
Rotor Diameter: 10.16 m;

Asian Defence News

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