Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Iran calls for the delivery of its missile-S300 PMU2 to Russia

Iran puts pressure on Russia for five years to train the feet to deliver the system of air defense formidable PMU2 S300-commissioned in 2007.

After getting rid of the hammer and sickle, this time, the Kremlin finds himself between a rock and a hard place! The reason? The refusal by Moscow under intense Western pressure and Israeli, to sell anti-aircraft defenses latest PMU2 S300 to Iran.

The problem is that $ 800 million contract was signed between the two countries in 2007 for the provision of multiple systems of air defense-S300 SA20 PMU2 also designated by NATO, not to mention at least six parts parts and the training of servants ... After having tried everything, Tehran calls on international judicial proceedings to compel Russia to honor its contract and is seeking to pass the sum of $ 4 billion because of hurt feelings ...

In the West no one knows which side the balance. To understand the insistence of Western countries, one should keep in mind that Iran fears an air strike on its nuclear facilities. Aware that its combat aircraft, dating back to 70-80 for the most part could not compete in quality with the means to NATO and Israel, is on air defense systems that the clerical regime has bet. And the best system on the market is the S300-PMU2 ...

The S300-PMU2 is a complex system based on road truck that combines surveillance radars, radar acquisition, means of command and coordination as well as missiles capable of reaching 6800 km / h. In addition, the system that wants to destroy its ability to target over 120 km away would be insensitive to interference. In Russia, the success rate of the system is 80% against the fighters, that is to say an unacceptable risk to any attacker.

Tehran already aligned defenses efficient, but it is less capable of S300 in the 80s. They were delivered according to sources in other countries as Russia and upgraded since then to improve their detection, treatment information and make them more resistant to jamming.
Asian Defence News

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