Wednesday, 15 August 2012

INDONESIAN - TNI AL will get 11 ASW helicopter in 2014

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta : TNI Navy admits plan to buy 11 anti-submarine helicopters from the United States. Super Seasprite helicopter Kaman Aerospace SH2G is produced, the United States. "We've been twice to visit penjajakan there , "Said the Head of Department of Information Profit-Admiral TNI AL Suropati seconds contacted Wednesday, 15 August 2012.

Results visit TNI Navy Chief of Staff and his team have shown this to the Ministry of Defence. "We even had time to test flight," said Untung.Meski However, profit can not ensure the acquisition plan must be done or not. "Purchasing decisions in the hands of the Ministry of Defence," he said.

From a number of trials, TNI AL evaluate this helicopter quite nice. "This anti-submarine version of Heli AL which is equipped with torpedoes, "said he.

Representatives of the Navy Chief of Staff Admiral TNI Marsetio permit this article. According to him,   11 anti-submarine helicopter unit is based on the needs TNI AL. "Beneficial to replace the anti-submarine helicopters that we have for this," he said.  
Asian Defence News

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