Monday, 6 August 2012

Indonesia Introduce Pindad Komodo Tactical Vehicles

 PT Pindad panser which exhibit two vehicles in the Car Free Day diproduksinya (CFD) in Jalan Dago, Bandung Djuanda Ir, Sunday (08/05/2012). The presence of two PT Pindad panser it was very attractive to visitors CFD.

Based on a review INILAH.COM, all visitors who pass through two panser the parking in front gardens do not miss Dago to pose with their mobile phone camera. The vehicle displayed PT Pindad start at 6:00 pm to events CFD disorderly Dago.
                                Besides looks, and the Komodo

The presence of these two CFD panser one of which was introduced in the work of native society. In addition, two panser deliberately called in the framework of the National Technology Day of Resurrection, which falls on 10 August 2012," said PR Ristek Ministry of Home Affairs when he was met Wike Wijayanti reporter at Jalan Ir Djuanda Bandung City, Sunday (08/05/2012).

Wike said that, in this case PT Pindad introduced two panser Anoa which each painted white and black color to come up with Komodo. "The vehicle is an excellent panser Indonesia which has a name up to mancanegara," he said.
  "At least the young of this work has been ordered by several ASEAN countries, because according to their two vehicles panser is grace," he said.

He further explained that vehicles more suitable Anoa used on the battlefield. "And ready to run into swamp and desert. In addition, these vehicles also apply to the United Nations in Lebanon," recalls.

But if Komodo, he added, is used as a city faster battle. "Vehicles of this type in Indonesia if adopted by the National Police for tactical vehicles," tandasya

Asian Defence News

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