Friday, 10 August 2012

Indonasia Defence estimates 2013 RP 77 Trillion Be Upgraded

The government re-increase budget for defense in the upcoming 2013 budget year on Rp77 trillion this year after reaching Rp72, 54 trillion.

The amplification of these estimates to support the development of defense program with the main tool modernize weapons systems (alutsista) TNI.Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) after explaining to do close cabinet TNI Headquarter mentioned, aspects of the defense budget be one of the themes discussed in detail in the meeting.

He says, though continue to increase, it is judged not great. As an illustration, the 2004 defense budget of Rp21, 7 trillion and 2009 a total of Rp33, 67 trillion. "The year 2012 is as big as Rp72, 54 trillion, and if Allah wills, in 2013 we can allocate Rp77 trillion a long coma," he said yesterday.

Alignment of the Ministry of Defence and TNI order to be able to manage a large budget so well, doing exactly alutsista procurement planning. Should also be appropriate provision of the mechanisms and procedures for the truth, and the deviation must be prevented. Nevertheless, President of the free range TNI and the Ministry of Defence alutsista undertaking planning what to buy, for alutsista that have reliability once the system interoperability.

Increase the strength of this defense is also expected to restore Indonesia as the "Asian Tiger" era militer.Pada dalambidang Soekarno, Indonesia known as the Tiger of Asia for military and political. "God willing, Bung Karno's ambition to make Indonesia Tiger Asia is not only military, political, but the economy, "he said. Defence Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said, the expansion determine the MEF is a priority in the modernization program alutsista.

"The debate on MEF 15 years of planning and a master list has been poured into the blue book issued Bappenas on October 28, 2011," he said. In the blue book is included on the changing requirements of their respective alutsista forces. At TNI Army, changes such as the provision of Apache helicopters and missiles Starstreak, Light Multi Role in the TNI Navy frigates, and to TNIAngkatan Air F-16 combat aircraft, air attack repellent, and a C-130 Hercules.

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