Sunday, 5 August 2012

India is developing a new recovery vehicle based on the new Arjun Mark II main battle tank.

Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) of India , which is developing a new Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle, has reached the final stage of the 'complete specification' for the ARRV, a senior scientist said.

The finalisation of complete specification for ARRV is under final stage. We are going in the right direction," the CVRDE scientist told PTI. The new ARRV, a variant of the Arjun Main Battle Tank, is being developed for the Indian Army at the DRDO lab here.

CVRDE will develop two prototypes in the next three years. The hull, including the chassis automative system, will almost be the same as Arjun Mark II and slight modifications will be made to accommodate a crane and a winch since it will be a recovery vehicle, he said.

The Army is expected to order 30 units if the Chennai-based DRDO lab satisfies its specifications in the first two units. The new ARRV will weigh around 65 tons and function as a recovery vehicle for the Army in tough terrain as well as in extreme climatic conditions

  Asian Defence News

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