Sunday, 26 August 2012

China Test Fired 10-MIRV DF-41 ICBM

                                                            China's DF-41 ICBM

China's future 'Dongfeng -41' intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, enough to aim at a population of more than 50,000 U.S. cities and towns." China's Second Artillery missile tests on July 24 to study the Chinese nuclear program at Georgetown University Professor Philip Carbonell to make such a warning. British "Jane's Defense Weekly, 22 (advance), declared that this launch is the latest" Dongfeng -41 "ICBMs, it is not only a substantial increase in the range and can carry up to 10 sub-guided nuclear warheads against different goals. Chinese military experts familiar with the Second Artillery Wei Guoan 21, 2009 interview with the "Global Times" reporter denied that the missile was test-fired "Dongfeng -41", he said, the Second Artillery Corps is developing the third generation of ICBMs to meet Western Description characteristics must be limited to the development of third-generation nuclear weapons, in order to more effectively respond to security challenges. "  "Jane's Defense Weekly, said that, since 2007, the multiple photos appeared on the Chinese network, Dongfeng -41 missiles 

equipped transport / erection / emission vehicles (TEL) driving on the highway. The report quoted anonymous U.S. officials as saying that the Second Artillery Corps July 24 launch is currently China's most advanced intercontinental missile Dongfeng -41 "" This is the U.S. authorities for the first time confirmed the existence of the missile project. Western concern is, "Dongfeng -41" may be used the multiple warhead independent reentry vehicles (MIRV) technology. The technology is not simply on missile loaded rounds of warheads, but let each sub-warhead has a separate flight trajectory, adjustable track attack different targets. A sub-warhead, so Each ABM interceptor missiles can destroy the effectiveness of the anti-missile system greatly reduced. An Asian military expert told Jane's reporter, "Dongfeng -41" can carry up to 10 sub-guided nuclear warheads, which will severely shaken the U.S. anti-missile system reliability.

  "Jane's Defense Weekly, said, with the Chinese active duty" Dongfeng -31 "and" Dongfeng-31A "ICBMs," Dongfeng -41 "may also be" cold launch ", that is, by means of an auxiliary power unit missile from the launch barrel ejected missile reaches a certain height and then ignite the main engine flight. Reports have speculated, "Dongfeng -41" belonging to three solid fuel propellant missile, "Dongfeng -31" compared to the former projectile diameter greater length of the longer, more deterrent means warhead load and range. "Dongfeng -41" Russian "Topol-M" intercontinental missile the same TEL three car as a mobile launch platform, more combat flexibility than the DF-31 mobile platforms.

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