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BREM-80U ARRV armoured recovery and repair vehicle

BREM-80U Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle (ARRV)

Armored Recovery and Repair Vehicle BREM-80U was constructed on the base of T-80U tank and preserved all its unique characteristics - maneuver-ability, speed, capability to overcome obstacles and crew protection complexes.
ARRV was designed by the "Transport Machine-Building Design Bureau" specialists, who have created all the engineering machines on T-55, T-72 tanks' base, such as: ARRV-1 (BREM-1), Engineer Obstacle Cleaning Vehicle, Bridge - layer (MTU), etc. that are still on service in the Russian Army. ARRV ( BREM) design embodied advanced design concepts and new materials.
ARRV crew consists of three men - commander, driver and welder-rigger, besides there are also equipped place for the specialist in electronic and armament.
ARRV crane can lift weight up to 18 tons, using tackle block - weight up to 30 tons.
ARRV is also capable of towing stuck vehicles with the help of the winch, tractive force - 35 tons, with tackle block up to 140 tons.
Special equipment of the recovery vehicle allows to perform maintenance in the field. ARRV is equipped with engineering mounting to perform excavating works and passages clearing.
ARRV can overcome water obstacles like tanks.
Gas-turbine multi - fuel engine provides the speed up to 70 km/h.
Vehicle's armament consists of crew personnel armament, antiaircraft machine-gun NSV installed on the commander's cupola and hand grenades.
Camouflage painting and low noise of the engine provide imperceptible moving. The unique construction provides smooth ride and an installed equipment makes ARRV indispensable in giving help to the crews.

The BREM-80U is equipped with:
  • Pull winch, rigging and anchorage arrangement for pulling out armoured combat vehicles from stuck position
  • Tow-lines and other towing arrangements for evacuation of inoperative materiel
  • Luffing crane, welding equipment and portable set of tools for service and damage control
  • Shovel bulldozer for excavation and clearing away of obstructions
The service platform of the BREM-80U armoured recovery and repair vehicle ensures reliable transportation of spare parts and materiel formaintenance and repair in any conditions.


Weight: 46 t
Crew: 4+1
Engine type: gas turbine
Engine power: 1250 hp
Maximum speed: 70 km/h
Cruising range: 500 km
Armament: 12.7 mm machine gun, RPG-7, 7.62 mm AKS assault rifle
Main winch tractive effort: 35 t
Main winch tractive effort (with the use of polyspast): 140 t
Auxiliary winch tractive effort: 1.0 t
Crane load-lifting capacity: 18 t
Crane load-lifting capacity (with the use of polyspast): 30 t

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