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BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle

BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)
Kurganmashzavod - Russia

Long-term experience of employment of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles in various parts of the world and modern requirements to the vehicles of this class have determined the necessity of complex BMP-3 upgrading.
In result of upgrading the characteristics of the vehicle were considerably improved, including characteristics of fire power, mobility, protection and ergonomics, thus generally increasing combat efficiency of the BMP-3 IFV. The vehicle was named BMP-3M.

Fire power

In order to enhance fire power factor, BMP-3M is fitted with an automatic fire control system, which includes:
  • SOZH-M main gunner's sight with integrated laser rangefinder and ATGM guiding channel
  • VESNA-K sighting system with thermal imaging camera and AST-B automatic target tracker
  • Commander's vision device TKN-AI
  • Digital ballistic computer
  • ATGM loading mechanism
The new fire control system ensures target identification and effective aimed firing at great distances and speeds, provides decrease of target destruction time and considerable improvement of firing efficiency afloat. The commander's day/night vision device TKN-AI with active-pulse illumination is used within the system and provides increase of target detection range in poor visibility conditions (dust, smoke, fog,etc.). The BMP-3M is equipped with an automatic ATGM loading mechanism, which reduces time to 12 seconds.
The mechanism ensures ATGM loading and operational modes at any angle of turret traverse relatively to the vehicle hull.

Ammunition allowance of the BMP-3M is supplemented with new types of rounds:
  • 100 mm high-explosive fragmentation shell 3UOF19
  • Anti-tank guided missiles 9M117M1
  • 30 mm armour piercing discarding sabot shells
The new 100 mm high explosive fragmentation shell 3UOF19 features improved characteristics of fragmentation effect and better firing accuracy. The anti-tank guided missile 9M117M1 has a tandem warhead, which enhances armour-piercing impact and ensures piercing of explosive reactive armour (ERA). ATGM firing range is increased from 4 up to 5.5 km. The 30 mm armour-piercing discarding sabot shell features 80% better armour-piercing capability as compared with the standard armour-piercing shell.


The mobility of the BMP-3M IFV can be increased by installation od a new turbocharged UTD-32 engine that increases specific power and dynamic characteristics of the vehicle. Due to the forced cooling system  the engine is fully adapted to operation in hot climate conditions.
The upgrading program also includes installation of a new multipurpose (day/night) driver's vision device TVK-1, which broadens driver's capabilities during the vehicle movement at night, and also installation of APP-688 automatic gear selector to decrease the driver's fatigue.


To increase protection BMP-3M cab be equipped with additional armour shields, as well as with active protection or explosive reactive armour (ERA) kit.
ARENA-E defensive-aid suite (DAS) provides protection against anti-tank guided and unguided missiles and anti-tank grenades used in various infantry ATGM launching systems and also in ammunition allowances of helicopters.
SHTORA-1 system of protection against high-precision weapons ensures effective protection of the BMP-3M IFV against anti-tank guided missiles with semi-automatic guidance and lasr target illumination, and also against artillery armament employing fire control system with laser rangefinder. As opposed to ARENA-E system, which uses the principle of enemy ammunition destruction, SHTORA-1 system misleads guidance of enemy ammunition.
Units of ERA kit cover 49% of the BMP-3M frontal surface and 85% of its side surface. The reactive armour considerably improves protection of the vehicle against anti-tank hollow-charge shells.


The BMP-3M vehicle can be equipped with a chassis control system (IUSSH-688). The system is programmable with microprocessor control of chassis units and assemblies, parameters of their operation, delivery of current and warning information to driver's display and generation of voice messages. Thus IUSSH-688 serves to automate some of the functions, previously performed by the driver, to improve operational reliability of chassis units and assemblies, to control their serviceability ininteractive mode, to warn about failures of chassis important element.
A system of electronic assistant for driver and operator (EADO) can be an alternative. As opposed to IUSHH-688 system, EADO system controls the parameters of both chassis and fighting compartment units.
However installation of the electronic assistant requires no significant changes in the standard BMP-3 systems.
The vehicle can be also equipped with KBM-3M2E air conditioner to provide comfort working conditions for the crew and troopers in hot climate with high ambient temperature.


Type: tracked, armoured, amphibious
Combat weight: 22 t
Crew: 3 + 7
Length (over hull): 6.715 m
Width (over tracks): 3.150 m
Height (over turret top): 2.30 m
Height (over radar of ARENA-E system): 3.15 m
Ground clearance: 0.45 m
Maximum speed on highway: 70 km/h
Average speed on dry unpaved road: 55 km/h
Maximum speed afloat: 10 km/h
Cruising range: 600 km
Gradient: 35°
Side slope: 20°
Trench: 2.5 m
Vertical obstacle: 0.8 m
Engine type: UTD-29, four stroke, multi-fuel, liquid cooled
Gross power: 368 kW (500 hp)


Gun launcher: rifled, semi-automatic
Model: 2A70
Calibre: 100 mm
Rate of fire: 10 rds/min
Maximum firing range: 4000 m
Ammunition allowance: 22 (in loading mechanism conveyor)

Cannon: automatic 2A72
Calibre: 30 mm
Rate of fire: 300 rds/min
Range of aimed fire at ground targets (HEI projectiles): 4000 m
Range of aimed fire at ground targets (APT projectiles): 2500 m
Ammunition allowance: 500 rounds

Coaxial machine gun: 3x PKTM
Calibre: 7.62 mm
Maximum range of aimed fire: 2000 m
Rate of fire: 800 rds/min
Ammunition allowance: 6000 rounds

ATGM ammunition allowance: 8 pcs

Main gunner's sight: SOZH-M, day, active-passive night, with independent field of view stabilization in two planes, with integrated range finderAsian Defence News

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