Wednesday, 1 August 2012

An armored military vehicle called "Nimr" soon made in Algeria

An armored vehicle to transport troops, called "Nimr", will soon be made in Algeria by a company with mixed capital Algerian-Emirati. This vehicle, presented Thursday to the public in the exhibition center, is "passed since 2002 in the UAE through several stages and has obtained a certificate of quality of several international centers," said Mr Mohamed Seif Hajiri, Executive Chairman of Tawazun group, partner in the joint enterprise of the group for the promotion of Machine-Building Industry (Epic-GPIM) of the Department of National Defence. "Several trials have demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the armed forces of both countries," he said, according to comments echoed by the APS.

Nimr-called SPA Algeria, mixed capital from the Consortium for the Promotion of Machine-Building Industry (Epic-GPIM) of the Department of National Defence and the Emirates group Tawazun, the company will be based in Khenchela. His acts of creation were signed today at the Ministry of National Defence in the presence of the Minister for Defence, Abdelmalek Guenaizia, the UAE ambassador in Algiers and senior officers of the ANP.

According to the chairman of the board of the company NIMR-Algeria, Colonel Abdelghani Badawi, quoted by APS, "the creation of the joint Algerian-Emirati - that part of the implementation of the Memorandum of agreement for UAE-Algerian co-production of special vehicles - which will produce the vehicle Nimr in Algeria with an Algerian labor will create 400 to 450 jobs. " Investments at the production center of this company will start in October 2012.
Asian Defence News

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