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2012 SHOT Show Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show

The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show 2012) and Conference is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries. It is the world's premier exposition of combined firearms, ammunition, law enforcement, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics and related products and services. The SHOT Show attracts buyers from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The SHOT Show is owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and is produced and managed by Reed Exhibitions.

 Beretta BU9 Nano 9x19mm Parabellum micro compact pistol

 The Beretta Nano is the ultimate evolution of the micro compact carry pistol.
Utilizing a removable, serialized sub-chassis the Nano pistol can be easily modified with replaceable grip frames and is simple to disassemble and maintain.
Ease of use and concealment were key drivers in the development of the Nano.
The Nano’s extremely low profile, snag free design makes it easy to carry and draw from concealment. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the Nano’s magazine release button can be easily reversed.
The light, durable, frame employs modern thermoplastic technology through the use of fiberglass reinforced technopolymer. The Nano’s sights are user adjustable with a 1.3mm hexwrench and your fingers. This allows anyone to adjust their sights without the assistance of a gunsmith.
Modular structure, ergonomics and ease of use make the Beretta Nano the ideal firearm for concealed carry. (Made in The U.S.A.)
Colt Mustang PocketLite .380 semi-automatic pocket pistol

 Colt has reintroduced the .380 Mustang Pocketlite. The original Mustang used cast parts and was all steel. This new model is CNC-machined and has an aluminum frame with a light tan finish.
Pistols chambered in .380ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) have come a long way in the past several years. As demand for small, reliable pistols suitable for concealed carry has increased, pistol manufacturers and ammunition makers have responded with products to fill the needs of defensive shooters.

Colt’s Manufacturing Company, let’s just call them Colt, was way out ahead of this .380 revolution when they introduced their .380 Government Model in 1985.  These pistols, and the several versions of the follow-on Mustang, were produced up until 1997.  I don’t know why Colt stopped making these pistols but I’m going to speculate it had little to do with the quality of the pistols and a lot to do with the lack of effective defensive ammunition in .380 ACP available at the time.  I do know I have wanted a Colt Mustang for years, and happily, I finally have one, as Colt has brought the little .380 back as the Mustang Pocketlite.
Greg Rozum, Colt’s engineering manager, tells me the Mustang Pocketlite may look like the pistol of old but is actually an entirely new pistol designed to be more reliable, accurate and comfortable to shoot than other pistols in the pocket pistol class.  Those are big claims.  Pocket pistols can be difficult to shoot, some have terrible triggers, many are not particularly accurate beyond a few yards, and some of them bite your hand pretty hard when you shoot them.

Five-seveN 5.7x28mm Tactical handguns equipped with Gemtech SFN 57 suppressor

Reinforced polymer chassis, superior ergonomics, ambidextrous controls, proven safety features. 
The 5.7x28mm pistol is a component of the concept of having a military pistol and rifle chambered for the same caliber, thereby easing logistical considerations for soldiers and their support components. The small size of the cartridge allows for a higher magazine capacity when compared to other centerfire cartridges. This, along with the higher number of rounds of ammunition that can be carried by the individual soldier, make the common caliber pistol and rifle combination very appealing. For the civilian shooter, the 5.7×28 pistol is a great multitasker, when considering a pistols’ capabilities. It has low recoil, high muzzle energy when compared with similar cartridges and it’s accuracy is comparable to the lower energy calibers. The 5.7×28 pistol has great potential as a versatile round that will likely continue to grow in popularity.


 Five-seveN 5.7x28mm Tactical handguns equipped with Gemtech SFN 57 suppressor

 Five-seveN Tactical handguns and SS190 ball ammunition team up to defeat the enemy in all close combat situations in urban areas, jungle conditions, night missions, etc. and for any self-defense action. The flat trajectory of the 5.7x28mm ammunition guarantees a high hit probability up to 200m. The Five-seveN Tactical handgun can accept up to 20 rounds in the magazine, features a polymer receiver, which makes it 20% lighter than any traditional 9mm handgun and a Picatinny rail for add-on accessories (e.g. visible or infrared laser, tactical light).


Caracal F 9x19mm semi-automatic pistol

The Caracal F is a highly modern semi-automatic pistol in 9x19mm. It boasts unique features such as an 18 round magazine, ultra low profile slide and low bore – the combined effect of which is greatly reduced “felt” recoil. The weapon is available with the Caracal Quick Acquisition Sight System.

SIG Sauer M400 5.56x45mm NATO tactical rifle

THE SIG M400 series tactical rifle, designed for use in law enforcement, military operations, or the sporting field as well as competitive shooting. The SIG M400 is a true AR platform tactical rifle. Provides unparalleled accuracy, with a 16’ chrome-lined and phosphate coated barrel that provides maximum durability and corrosion resistance. A 7075- T6 aircraft grade aluminum forged lower receiver adds to the durability and reliability..


Beretta ARX160 A2 5.56x45mm assault rifle


VLTOR MK4 M 5.56x45mm assault rifle


FNH USA Ballista 338 lapua magnum precision sniper rifle

The FNH Ballista can be configured in 3 calibers:  338 Lapua Mag, .300 Win Mag, and .308 Winchester. 


SIG Sauer Adaptive Carbine Platform (ACP)

 The Sig Sauer ACP (Adaptive Carbine Platform) is a new universal pistol carbine kit from SIG that works with most full sized railed pistols including S&W M&P9, 1911s and Glocks. 

HK169 40mm grenade launcher

 HK grenade launchers are extremely versatile and can be employed for law enforcement and  non-military security applications. The “side-loading” operation of the HK169 and other HK single-shot grenade launchers enable them to handle the complete range of riot control gas and less-lethal ammunitions. Lightweight at less than four pounds, the HK169A is designed to fire a variety of low velocity 40mm ammunition (including CS, HE, AP, nonlethal, and flares) to ranges of 400 meters with a degree of accuracy not available from competing designs.


Eotech XPS 2 - Eotech G33


Meprolight Mepro Noa x7 Un-Cooled Thermal Weapon Sight
Meprolight rose to the challenge posed by Special Forces and designed MEPRO NOA – the state-of-the-art thermal weapon sight which includes the innovative characteristics of a mission computer, and also functions as a surveillance device and intelligence tool. The MEPRO NOA is a fully operational unit, ready for use today! MEPRO NOA enables commandos to acquire and engage targets at longer ranges, with 7x magnification. Its thermal capability allows the sniper to detect static targets even behind camouflage, battlefield obscurants, adverse weather and total darkness. Since It operates silently and emits no heat or RF energy, its use cannot be detected.
MEPRO NOA takes sniping into the next generation, offering advanced capabilities such as interfacing with external information sources like a laser rangefinder, GPS and other devices, and allows 2-way communication with an external computer for downloading images from the field or uploading images to the sniper. User can choose distance to the target, with alterations automatically changing ballistics for better aiming. The MEPRO NOA thermal weapon sight is operated by batteries but can also be connected by AC/DC to a vehicle for more convenience. All settings are handily activated by the user in the field with an easy-to-operate joystick.


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