Monday, 6 August 2012

20 Years of MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce

State-of-the-art military equipment, 25 thousand square metres of exhibition space, dynamic presentations, prestigious distinctions and awards, official delegations and guests of honour from all over the world complemented with major events such as the National Exhibition of Italy. For the twentieth time these four September days in Targi Kielce will be dedicated to the defence sector. The 20th jubilee International Defence Industry Exhibition will be held from 3rd to 6th September 2012.

The 20th edition of MSPO has been granted with the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland. The exhibition organisers expect a record-breaking number of exhibitors, official delegations and visitors to take part in MSPO.

Poland’s largest and most important defence industry trade fair will bring together over 400 exhibitors from home and abroad – the world’s largest defence industry concerns from 20 countries – Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, the USA, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Korea, Russia and India (last year’s exhibition debut).

Official delegations representing 17 countries have been invited to partake in this year’s MSPO – the organisers expect that the delegations composed of 300 VIPs will add splendour to the event. The organisers also anticipate a record-breaking number of trade fair visitors as several thousands of them intend to take part in MSPO.

For a number of years the Kielce exhibition has brought together the world’s leading producers of armaments, military and police equipment. In this period of time the MSPO has grown to acquire the status of Central and Eastern Europe’s most important event of this kind as well as the exhibition ranked third on the Old Continent.

This year’s edition will of exceptional nature; MSPO 2012 will be a presentation platform not only for the latest developments in defence sector but also for solutions and systems used in logistics, public safety as well as rescue and emergency services.

The 18th International Logistics Fair LOGISTYKA will be held simultaneously with Kielce defence industry trade fair. This will be the display of the latest designs of soldiers’ uniforms, food products and equipment used for meal preparation, storage and transport, medical equipment and materials, communications and IT systems, electronic engineering solutions, devices and equipment to be used by the Fire Brigade as well as specialised equipment dedicated for the Boarder Guard and the Police.

For a number of years the Kielce Defence Exhibition has been a perfect, and for a vast majority of companies the only opportunity to become familiar with the world’s latest developments in the defence industry. This year’s jubilee trade fair edition will feature the presentation of the state-of-the-art equipment and accessories used by Poland’s Armed Forces during the international missions and the equipment evolution which reflects the experience Polish Army has gathered during the missions the army taken part in.

The 20th MSPO promises as a record breaking edition for Polish companies which supply he army with their products. The Bumar; Poland’s leading supplier and exporter of armaments and army equipment which has been produced by Polish defence industry sector associated in the national-scale Bumar Group concern, will also put its offer on display. The presentation will encompass medium-range radars, anti-aircraft defence systems, ammunition and a special focus on the wheeled and track armoured vehicles promoted by the concern, including a whole array of KTO Rosomak (Wolverine) versions.

There will also be a multifarious trade fair exhibition of armoured equipment: these displays generate the most avid interest among the trade visitors. This year the exhibition centre’s guests will have the chance to see, inter alia, the Combat Support Vehicle (“Polish Light Tank”) constructed by Bumar in line with the latest NATO trends, as well as the wheeled self-propelled mortar Rak produced by Wojskowe Zak?ady Mechaniczne S.A (Millitary Mechanical Works) in conjunction with HSW S.A. The latter will be accompanied by the latest version of the mortar – its caterpillar-vehicle mounted option will also be put on display. This will also be the presentation of heavy duty battle support vehicles – evacuation and repair as well as engineering units in addition to auxiliary bridges on tank-chassis; for many years these have been the flagships of Polish armoured products.

There will also be the abundance of foreign exhibitors. Global corporations ranked at the top of the world’s largest companies attend Kielce’s event and these are Sikorsky, MBDA, Raytheon, Thales, KMW, Kongsberg and many other. (KW) s guests will have the chance to see, inter alia, the Combat Support Vehicle (Asian Defence News

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