Sunday, 15 July 2012

YLC-2V 3D long range surveillance radar

YLC-2V 3D long range surveillance radar
CETC International - China
YLC-2V radar is specially suitable for being used as main surveillance radar in air defence or navy, target indication radar in ground to air missile troop and providing comprehensive information including azimuth, altitude, IFF attribute, etc. of large quantities of air targets for guidance radar in ground missile troop.
With excellent operational performance, especially high mobility, strong anti-jamming and anti-destruction capability, strong viability and detection capability of targets with small RCS such as cruise missile. YLC-2V radar will be the major guidance and surveillance radar in the 21st century.

  • Long detection range, high measurement accuracy
  • High resolution
  • Strong anti-clutter and anti-destruction capability
  • High mobility
  • High reliability, good maintainability and strong adaptability to environment


YLC-2V radar is a mobile surveillance and medium/long range guidance radar that can be quickly deployed. It can provide comprehensive information including azimuth, range, altitude, IFF attribute, of large quantities of air targets.


Operation frequency band: S band
Instrumental range: 500 km
Coverage (Range): ≥ between 350 km and 420 km
Coverage (height): 25000 m
Coverage (elevation): 0 - 25°
Coverage (Azimuth): 0 - 360°
Measurement accuracy (azimuth): ≤ 0.3°
Measurement accuracy (range): ≤ 100 m
Measurement accuracy (height): ≤ 600 m
Range resolution: ≤ 200 m (automatic extraction)
Assembly/disassembly time: 40 min with 6 persons
MTBCF: ≥ 1000 h
MTTR: ≤ 30 min

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