Friday, 7 December 2012

The first two Su-30m ² delivered to the Russian army

The first two seater fighter Sukhoi Su-30m ² arrived at the Centre Akhtubinsk flight test in the Astrakhan region, announced Wednesday in Moscow spokesman for the Air Force Vladimir Deryabin.

"Two Su-30m ² from Irkutsk to Akhtubinsk arose, after two refueling stops in Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk," said Lt. Col. Deryabin.

Next delivery to the army of fighters Su-30m ² high maneuverability greatly increase the combat capability of the Russian Air Force.

The multi-role fighter high maneuverability Su-30m ² is an instrument of the family Su-30MK, adapted to the requirements of the Russian Air Force. The aircraft has new radar electronic scanning antenna (AESA) and radio link systems and identification. Armaments and other systems have also been modified from the original version. The group must produce Irkut Su-30 multirole fighter 30m ² of 2015, pursuant to a
contract with the Russian Ministry of Defence in March 2012.

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