Thursday, 6 December 2012

"Mini PILARw" for assault rifles

Mini but it continues to do the maximum, here is the newest small little company Metravib Lyon (now ACOEM following its separation of the Areva Group), which did not end innovate in detecting acoustic PEARL.
Recall the principle that the success of the small box French: ultra-sensitive microphones and sound processing able to locate precisely the shooting and determine the caliber used. PILARw system first developed for military detection anti-sniping, then embedded in vehicles, helicopters and then today, it is reduced to fit on an assault rifle. PILARw in the 'mini' version is called PEARL (Personal Add-on Equipment for Reactive Localization) and takes place on a Picatinny rail. Usage is very simple: when a shooting occurs, LEDs are activated to indicate the direction of shooting: up-down / right-left. Rest to follow directions and the LED turns green when the barrel reached the right direction.

Soon developed immediately sold, PEARL has already been bought by several customers. Including the Rio police, special units probably involved in the Favelas. And already familiar with the system PILARw, having controlled for their helicopters.

The system PILARw, the recall is in service in France on the latest version of the VAB , Ultima, including fifty vehicles in Afghanistan. It was acquired in crash program for the Afghan theater. A version for Tiger attack helicopters is being integrated.

Finally, the surprise in this niche, it is the group's arrival Sagem. Probably enticed by the number of contracts won by Metravib, Sagem has decided to put and launches its own products: DELOC. The group announced that it has developed several versions: for vehicles, stationary, integrated WASP turret as well as "version infantryman interface with the system FELIN fighter." Hopefully this competition Franco-French is more productive than fratricide.

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