Monday, 8 October 2012

T ourelle 120 Mortar (HSW Poland)

HSW firm offers its turret mounted 120mm mortar on two different chassis:
- A tracked chassis based on that of 2S1
- A 8x8 wheeled chassis type Rosomak.

HSW 120 mortar turret (Poland)
This turret incorporates many electronic devices such as a sighting system diurnal / nocturnal transmissions C4I, a fire control system "Topaz", a digital mapping of the battlefield, a ballistic computer, an inertial guidance system type " Talin 5000 "and a GPS.The turret can shoot 360 degrees in azimuth and +80 ° and -3 ° site. Automatic loading allows a rate of fire from July to October c / min depending on the ammunition used, the maximum capacity level from August to December kilometers. The turret has a gun in UKM 2000D coaxial weapon for close defense.

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