Thursday, 6 September 2012

Purchase Process 6 Hercules from Australia Not Started

ATTORNEY Defence Minister RI, Sjafrie Sjamsuddin, say, the purchase of six Hercules articles from Australia must go through the process, whether the process of administrative, political process as well as the purchasing process. "The three of them had not implementation," said Sjafrie Sjamsuddin the Ministry of Defence office, Jakarta, Wednesday (5/9).

To implement the plan purchases, according to Sjafrie, Kemhan will file administrative processes equal time to ask the political process with the House. Kemhan will also coordinate with the Ministry of Finance estimates the question of allocation. "After that they can all be new way to process purchases," he said.

The agreed purchase process, Sjafrie said, is Army Military Self Office (AMSO), a new form of the Ministry of Defence of Australia, similar to the process Miliatry Foreign Sales (FMS) in the United States. "So the linear form is the process aimed to Government," he said.

According to him, if the administrative process, the political process and the budget process can be done then purchase through AMSO.

Sjafrie also guarantee, the purchase of defense equipment running in a transparent and accountable. Because the procurement process must first obtain supervision of Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP), Board Policy Procurement of Goods / Services (LKPP) and consult with the State Audit (CPC). "Usually purchase always thought Prevention. That is, the process can be done or not. If not, what must be observed, "he said.

Sjafrie examples, such as the purchase of Main Battle Tank Leopard Tank from Germany, all in the crib accountability first, made ​​new purchases. "So, if there are observers who criticized, the part of an effort on improving the rigor in the purchasing process," he said.

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