Thursday, 6 September 2012

Minister of Defence of Uzbekistan Visits Poland

there are strong historic foundations for taking up closer cooperation between Poland and Uzbekistan," said Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak to Defence Minister of Uzbekistan MajGen Kabul Raimovich Berdiev, paying a visit to Poland.

Minister Siemoniak reminded that the meeting was one more opportunity for talks between both Ministries of Defence this year. He expressed thanks for "great hospitality in Uzbekistan shown to Polish delegations heading to Afghanistan". Minister Siemoniak reminded that during NATO summit in Chicago an agreement between NATO and Uzbekistan was signed that will make transit of coalition forces possible. He added that Poland is also interested in signing bilateral agreement regulating this matter.

During talks Defence Minister of Uzbekistan MajGen Kabul Raimovich Berdiev said he is interested in exchanging experiences on transformation that took place in Polish Armed Forces within last 20 years and in starting effective cooperation with Polish armament industry.

Both Ministers stressed that Poland and Uzbekistan had similar historic conditions of development of states what can have good influence on development of modern military relations.

After the talks the Ministers signed Intention Letter concerning further development of bilateral defence relations.

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